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©2020 Copyright. Sludge Separation, Hydrocarbio Recovery and Waste Volume Reduction to Improve Environmental Impact

​TS5000: Wasteland Environmental Remediation Modular Processing Complex

Benefits of using the TS5000 Remediation Complex: 

  1. Automatic Complex Oil Separation

  2. Reduced Waste Disposal Volume

  3. Process any Waste mix Intake

  4. Mobile equipment in stationary settings

  5. average cost is USD $50 per m3 processed.


Complex TS5000 comes in 3 x 40’ container

Process 5/ton/hr


  • Agitation tanks

  • Focculant6 to enhance Solids Separation

  • Gravity Oil/Water/Solids Separator;

  • GreenZyme® Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit

  • Centrifugal Solids Separator; Clarifier

  • Process Water Recycle-Reuse

  • External Digester Unit with BioRem-L

  • Reverse Osmosis

Primary Separation - Oil in Container 1

Compliance Master oil/water/solids separator with Multi-Pack coalescer,

Model MI- 100-CS rated at 30 gpm maximum

Unit is a rectangular, gravity-displacement.

 #5052 Aluminum separator tank with nominal dimensions:

 of 7'-6" length x 2'-4" width x 4' height.

The following standard features are included:

  1. Multi-Pack coalescer featuring removable and adjustable coalescer plates

  2. Removable two-stage inlet distribution baffle.

  3. Coarse oil/solids separating zone.

  4. Adjustable gravity product skimmer pipe.

  5. Five (6) 2” sludge/solids outlet fittings & drain fittings.

  6. Removable outlet distribution baffle.

  7. Outlet weir & baffle system.

Secondary Separator - Water in Container 2

  • Additive Mixer Tank – 100 gal – 1 pcs.

  • Oil Pump and Oil Purification Tank – 12 gal/min – 1 pcs.

  • Water Purification Complex 19 gal/min   – 1 unit

  • Air Compressor for 3 air pumps FS Curtis FNB10C1

  • Control Equipment – 1 unit

External Water Input to the plant will be purified & released.

Water Purification Unit (ROWPU)

Capacity: 12,650 GPD / 2,000 Liters per Hour Model: AP12K-LX

Make of System: Fully automated Turnkey Reverse Osmosis System including pre- treatment Modules and Reverse Osmosis System fully built on a Powder Coated welded Aluminum Skid with Diamond Plate Base using good industrial practice and following manufacturer’s guidelines for every component.

Model of System: AP12K-LX, System to produce 12,650 GPD (8.8 GPM) / (33.3 LPM) Liters per Minute.

Included: Digester Unit DG200