Crude Oil Recovery Additives

& Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit

Several Additives aid in the Process of Sludge Separation

The additives and the Polishing unit can be purchased and installed separately from the rest of the equipment. See contact form for inquiry.

Flocculant 6: Organic made flocculant family aids in the separation and depositing of solid particles. 

Floc6 is the standard additive selection for efficient solids separation from a wide spectrum of variants available for use. Floc6 also binds and picks up PAHs and concentrates them to be removed from the system. Floc is an organic based product.

Pre-Mix Tank: Floc6 can be used in the agitator tank before entering the unit for processing. this will stimulate the contact and reach of the flocculant action.

Primary Separator Tank: Floc6 is using the help of the gravity separator and coalescers to isolate the solids and contaminants helping the system be more efficient in return.

Digester Unit: To settle solids more easily, Floc6 can be used in the secondary separator tank or independent digester unit to help settle light solids in the process of digestion, helping the system manage and separate the affluent.

GreenZyme is a hydrocarbon detergent separator. It is a water based additive that will be mixed in the water in many stages of hydrocarbon separation.

Fluidization: - GreenZyme improves Tank Bottom Sludge removal using automatic jet systems. GreenZyme wetting promotes the separation of the hydrocarbons in the sludge.

Pre-Mix Agitator Tank: GreenZyme can be mixed in with the water receiving and agitating the sludge before it enters the unit initiating the separation effect.

Primary Separator Tank: GreenZyme is the main additive in the Hydrocarbon Polishing unit for recovery and reduction of water content of crude. GreenZyme water solution is re-cycleable and re-useable.

greenzyme hydrocarbon polishing unit
greenzyme hydrocarbon polishing unit
greenzyme separation
greenzyme separation
mobile unit 300
mobile unit 3000
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Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit

To reach required purity, the Purification Unit is used, where using the enzyme dissolved in water helps to remove pure hydrocarbons and collect it on top of a gravity separation tank.  

  1. Environmentally friendly enzyme fluid technology, effective way to recover and purify hydrocarbons.

  2. GreenZyme is a water-based catalyst Hydrocarbon Separator, acting as a detergent to separate oil.

  3. Hydrocarbons are Recovered

  4. Water content is reduced

  5. Enzyme mix is recirculated

Unit Description

  • Oil/Water Gravity Liquid/Liquid Separation

  • Processing - up 20 gal/min

  • Power Requirement – 24 KW

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mobile unit 300

mobile unit 3000