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Specialized & Prolific Bacteria​ Digestion

Our Digestion approach starts with the selection of proven industrial digestion Bacteria. Bacteria eat and produce associated enzymes to promote and speed up the degradation processes. Many of these bacteria are found in nature while others have been added proprietary enhancements to increase their effectiveness. When used in our Digesters, bacteria find the optimal environment to metabolize contaminants.

For Example: Bacteria cultures Groups 302 and 106 have 8 specimens each, specialized in hydrocarbon digestion. These 2 bacteria groups provide a wide spectrum of hydrocarbon digestion creating a successful base culture for TPH reduction.

In Addition, bacteria specialized in targeting other contaminants can also be added to the digester simultaneously. Oil and Gas Specialized Specimens can treat PAHs, Mercury, Sulfur, Phenols from refinery wastewater for example.

We currently use Bacteria  to deactivate contaminants in other industries:

  • Textile Affluent

  • Sewage Affluent Digestion

  • Aluminum, Steel Wastewater

  • Other Industrial Affluent

Proprietary Self-Contained Bacteria Digester provides the optimal environment for pollutant degradation:​

  • Digestion of TPH, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

  • Oxidizes & Deactivates Hazardous Metals

  • Guaranteed Processing Solution 

  • Achieves 0.05% TPH and PAH in solid residue

  • Environmentally Friendly Discharge

    • Fertilizer Production from organic biological waste

    • BioGas colllection and reuse for the maintenance of the optimal environment

    • Purified Water


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