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Primary Sludge Separation & Processing

Primary Separation is the first stage of separation. It aims a facilitating the separation of components like hydrocarbons, water and solids while it collects each of these components for further specialized processing. Traditional Primary Separation has coalescing type separation complex designed in compliance with API separation requirements.

Our Complex Benefits:

  1. Gravity Oil/Water/Solids Separator;

  2. Focculant6 to enhance Solids Separation

  3. GreenZyme® Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit

  4. Centrifugal Solids Separator; Clarifier

lemar primary sludge separator concept

Sludge is now separated into Hydrocarbons, Water and Solids. We can now specialize the preocessing for each components with further stages.

Hydrocarbon Recovery

  • Oil is Collected $. Hydrocarbons will be further Polished in the GreenZyme Polishing Unit to achieve low water in oil.

  • Fuel Oil/Marine Diesel $. Light solvent fuels used in hot oil tank cleaning of hard bitumen will be collected as a mix by the complex and can then be recovered as Bunker Grade Fuel with low water content using the Polishing Unit.

Water Treatment: is separated and sent to Secondary Separation Unit for additional clean up treatment for reuse or further purification and discharge.

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Hydrocarbon Contaminated Solids: are concentrated and removed. When using Floc 6, the flocculant action will also bind to PAHs and concentrate this and other contaminants like metals. Having this amount of contaminants requires thoughtful containment or further decontamination.

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gravity separation coalescer
gravity separation coalescer
diesel plus enzyme
diesel plus enzyme
unit 3000 back side
unit 3000 back side
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Sludge Separation Processing and Remediation

For more information on plant sizes, per hour capacity and cost analysis. We build mobile containerized solutions in Series to address Environmental and market requirements and Custom Made Systems with client/project specifications.

unit 3000 back side

unit 3000 back side