Sludge Breaker Steam-Jets Reduce Tank Downtime

Updated: May 6, 2020

In order to be able to remove heavy high viscosity oil sludge from tank, it has to first be fluidized. We offer solutions using the same multi-use equipment set up:

High Pressure Circulation Steam-Jets for Sludge Fluidization.

TECHNOLOGY 1 - STEAM RE-CIRCULATION: (mainly used for the Oil Storage Tanks). Hot water spayed to heat up upper level of sludge. The upper layer removed and heated in the outside heater to separate Crude that is then re-circulated by High-Pressure Steam-Jets installed into the man-hole of the tank. The re-circulation continuous until all the sludge is fluidized and removed.

TECHNOLOGY 2 - ENZYME OIL WETTING: The unique feature of specifically developed enzyme (GreenZyme Separator) wets oil and petroleum products. It works to break it from the solids to expedite fluidization. GreenZyme also work to prevent sludge to coalesce. The enzyme detergent is added in solution to the hot water and circulated inside of the tank by the High-Pressure Steam-Jets. It breaks apart the sludge to be easy to remove. It also helps to separate clean solids and hydrocarbons in the Primary Separation Tank for the first stage of the process of the separation complex. GreenZyme is water based, inert and can stand high temperatures.

FLUIDIZATION OPTION 3 - MARINE DIESEL: Using left over kerosene or Diesel as solvent at high temperature with the Steam-Jets (Hot Oil) in addition to bitumen type sludge helps in the sludge removal process. Once in the external separation units, the mixed in kerosene or diesel with the bitumen has now created a medium crude (bunker oil). After separation from most solids and water in the Primary Separation Unit, the crude is further polished to remove impurities and reduce the water volume in the content. Polished hydrocarbons from the sludge create a Marine Diesel or Fuel Oil Grade product that is ready for use is port barges or fuel oil power stations.

2 parts bitumen sludge hydrocarbons + 1 Part Kerosene or Diesel can create 3 parts Marine Diesel

jets with greenzyme solution mobilize sludge for removal of tank
Jet Sludge removal increases tank up time

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