Oil and Chemical Tank Terminal Sludge Cleaning with Hydrocarbon Recovery

Updated: May 6, 2020


- Automatic Cleaning of Any Oil or Chemical Storage Tank Size.

- Floating and fixed roof tanks, including old riveted tanks.

- Complete desludging, independent of the thickness of the sludge.

Lemar oil water separator tank cleaning
Waste and solids separation and removal

Safe Operation: Sludge Fluidization

- Non-man entry system: No personnel is inside the tank during any cleaning operation.

- Automatic tank cleaning and oil separation for maximum safety & efficiency.

- Minimally invasive, damage free installation. No cold-tapping required.

- Inert gas system with constant monitoring of explosive gases (LEL).

- Construction and installation to European ATEX 95 (ATEX 114)

- Operation in accordance with ATEX 137.


- Containerized module system for fast Deployment.

- Streamlined cleaning and separation system reduces tank downtime.

- Complete removal of oil bottom sludge, including non-organic sediments, to fully restore the original storage capacity of the tank.

- Reclaimed oil can be sold as valuable product for profit.

- Nitrogen generator included: Produce cheap nitrogen as needed. No more dependence on external gas providers.

Reduces Waste Disposal Volume

Environmentally Friendly

- All-closed cleaning system minimizes emissions.

- Much reduced oil waste that needs to be disposed of

- Energy savings of 50% for operation

- Up 99% oil recovery

- No Pyrolisys! No Chemicals!

Effluent Purity Can Be Achieved in Compliance with the Environmental Requirements

Effluent Impurity Quantity

Crude Oil Water < 1%

Water Hydrocarbons < 1000 ppm

Solids Hydrocarbons <2%

Sludge Removal from Tank
Lemar jets tank cleaning operations