GreenZyme Hydrocarbon Separator for Solids Removal and Recovery of Crude

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

petroleum waste crude recovery plant in daqing, china
petroleum waste crude recovery plant in daqing, china

Currently: Vicious Cycle

  • Oil fields and refineries dispose of unwanted residues in storage tanks or pools

  • There is no remediation capacity due to strict environmental requirements

  • When waste pits are filled more need to be created to avoid creating bottlenecks

Solution: Reliable & Predictable Complex Oil Separation

  1. Automatic mobile Complex can process sludge and residue on site using multiple separation Methods

  2. Sludge can be processed to collect crude oil while separating water and solids.

  3. GreenZyme Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit can break emulsions and further remove water from recovered crude.

  4. Water can be cleaned for re-use or purified for discharge.

  5. Solids can be treated biologically to achieve 1% TPHand PAH

Technology + Process + Equipment


  • Oil pits can be cleaned in 15 to 20 days!

  • Hydrocarbon Recovery

  • Complex can process wide range of petroleum waste and sludge

  • Mobile Plant can be relocated for convenience to drill, pit or tank site or installed in off-shore rigs and work ships.

  • Cleaned Sites

  • Meets new environmental requirements for affluent disposal and discharge

GreenZyme 3% mix strength in water with heated solution in blender for 5 minutes achieves separation in different defined layers. Defined layers of light solids (C12-H10), light and heavy oils C5 to C40, water and solids at bottom. This separation increases the working efficiency of traditional separation methods in crude oil complex.

System Features:

No chemicals involved!

Water is recyclable;

Highest Oil Removal and Purification;

Economically Efficient Process

Shortest Processing Time, No Man inside of the Tanks!

From waste to disposal in one integrated system

No Pyrolysis!

Achieves 1% TPH

Environmentally Friendly

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