No Pyrolysis crude sludge Fluidization and Separation

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The heavy ends that separate from the crude oil, petroleum and chemical products are deposited on the bottoms of storage vessels are known as “tank bottoms”, or “sludge”.

The sludge is a deposition consisting of high-molecular-weight paraffins, asphaltenes, water and inorganic solids, salts, mechanical impurities, etc., which is very viscous and require liquefaction for removal.

In some tanks it can reach up to 5 to 6 feet high and has “rubberized conditions”.

We offer full complex of equipment and tools to remove sludge from tank and process the sludge on site to recover hydrocarbons and reduce the waste volume to be disposed.

Its designed to:

  • Liquefy sludge inside of the tank through “man hole”; no man inside tanks!

  • Remove liquified sludge;

  • Separate and purify water;

  • Separate and purify the product

  • Process the residue.

The processing technology and materials are continuously progressed improved. Our Design Based on latest wastewater processing technology with our proprietary equipment for improved processing with novel materials.

System Features:

No chemicals involved!

Water is recyclable;

Highest Oil Removal and Purification;

Economically Efficient Process

Shortest Processing Time, No Man inside of the Tanks!

From waste to disposal in one integrated system

No Pyrolysis!

Achieves 1% TPH - Environmentally Friendly

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