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©2020 Copyright. Sludge Separation, Hydrocarbio Recovery and Waste Volume Reduction to Improve Environmental Impact

Modular Digesters: Guaranteed Hydrocarbon Residue Removal using Biological Digestion Processes


Benefits of DG200 Self-sustained system:

  • Ultimate Petroleum Waste Residue degradation Solution 

  • Refinery Wastewater Contaminant Processing Solution

  • Automatic System and Guaranteed Solution

    • Regulated Optimal Bacteria Environment​​

    • Reduced Waste Exposure to the open environment

  • Removal of TPH, PAHs, metals and other contaminants and pollutants 

  • Reduced Waste Disposal Volume

  • Environmental Discharge Compliant

  • Can be attached to other Modular Complexes or stand alone operation


  1. Solids Separator; Clarifier

  2. Ultrasonic Sludge Activator

  3. Biorem-L Hydrocarbon Digestion Bacteria

  4. Process Water Recycle-Reuse

  5. Water Purification

  6. Biogas and organic bacteria affluent Collection

    • Fertilizer ​production

Unit DG200 comes in 1 x 40’ container

Up to 5/m3 per hour @ 1.15 hour contact time

Digester Intake Retention Time examples:

70% water and 30% solids: 5 t/hour processing

30% water and 70% solids: 2.3 t/hour



  • Pre-mixer LMP2400.

  • Shaker-Mixer of sludge and water with bacteria – LS100

  • Residue Dewatering Complex – RDW100

  • Process Water – 1500 gallons (5780 L)

  • Bacteria Preparation Tank – 100 gallons (378 L)

  • SCADA Control

  • Pumps and tools.

The digester has 3 stages:

Stage 1 - high speed sludge activation and processing.

Stage 2 - baffled type full digester biological agitation and processing

Stage 3 - Separation with process water and bacteria recycling.

Achievements and Results:

  1. No chemicals use;

  2. Enhances soil and environment;

  3. About 60% less costly than Chemical or Pyrolysis processes with 50% energy saving;

  4. Less intrusive in sensitive areas;

  5. FDA approved-OMRI listed;

  6. Completely animal, aquatic, and human safe;

  7. Methods approved by environmental agencies;

  8. High Economic Efficiency;

  9. Quality fertilizer as a marketable product.