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©2020 Copyright. Sludge Separation, Hydrocarbio Recovery and Waste Volume Reduction to Improve Environmental Impact

Mobile Unit 3000Petroleum Waste Separator & Hydrocarbon Recovery Complex

A standardized waste volume reduction solution for on-site processing of Petroleum Waste containing, drilling mud, cuttings, tank deposits or other residues.

Ultra Mobile Solution and Response:

  1. Small Crude Oil and Oil Products Tank Cleaning;

  2. Fast On-shore and Off-shore Deployment

  3. Drilling Mud, Cuttings, Well Site Residues Treatment

  4. Petroleum Waste Pits; Slop Oil processing;

  5. Railcar Cleaning, Barges; Rig Affluent

  6. Fuel Stations & Emergency Spill Cleaning.


  1. Mix Tank for Focculant6 to enhance Solids Separation

  2. Gravity Oil/Water/Solids Separator;

  3. GreenZyme® Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit

  4. Centrifugal Solids Separator;

  5. Water Treatment Unit;

Processing Capacity

3000HD unit comes in one 40’ container

Process 15 to 20 gal/min (up to 3.5 ton/hour).

Water 80% to 20% solid sludge mix input

Primary Tank: Oil (Hydrocarbons), Water and Solids Separation.

Sludge delivered to a external agitation intake tank where flocculant6 or Biofloc or Biologicals can be added to pre-soak before moving to the Primary Separation inside the unit. Primary Separator has coalescing type separation complex designed in compliance with API separation requirements in addition to separation enhancing additives. In well defined layers, the components are removed for specific processing.

Water in middle of the end of the tank to move to the Secondary Separation;

Solids at the bottom are removed and moved to the Solids Processing Unit, which can have just a clarifier and drywer for containment or combination of optional digester unit to process hydrocarbons below 1% TPH and other contaminants like PAHs, metals, etc..

Oil Polishing Unit - GreenZyme

To reach required purity, the Purification Unit is used, where using the GreenZyme Detergent dissolved in water helps to remove pure hydrocarbons and collect it on top of a gravity separation tank for enahced removal. This allows for this mobile complex to become a product purification unit when recovery hydrocarbons from hot oil or other mixes with rich bitumen.

lemar field separator unit 3000 design
Hua Bei Oil Field lemar unit 3000

Secondary Separation - Water

Some heavy hydrocarbons and light solids still left in the water. The Secondary Process  is gravity separation API type tank for final separation of Water and Solids. The main task of this unit further purify water from hydrocarbons and solids. The second task it to lower Total Hydrocarbon Content (TPH) in solids to discharged levels.

To minimize TPH we offers two technology configurations in the same complex systems:

TECHNOLOGY 1 – BIOFLOC6 used to process left hydrocarbons and settle the effluent solids down for collection. It is used in majority mobile applications when clients do not need to produce biogas and fertilizer.

TECHNOLOGY 2 – turn this unit in biodigester with installation of baffles and ultrasonic unit for sludge activation in front of the tank. Our special mix of biological Biorem-L to process the TPH with production of biogas and potential fertilizer.

Some extra water has to be discharged. The purity of discharged water has to be in compliance with the regulations, and therefore has to be purified in the optional water treatment unit 

Integrated Process Design:

  • Oil Sludge Coalescing Separator Primary

  • Secondary Separator

  • Mixing Tanks

  • Process Water Tank

  • Water Treatment Unit

  • Air Compressor

  • Power Generator (Diesel Engine Or Electrical hook Configuration)

  • Portable Shaker At Sludge Inlet

  • Oil Collection Tank (supplied by a client)

  • Solids Removal Screw Conveyor.

  • Air Pumps.


Power Requirement for main equipment - 72 KW

Optional Equipment -106 KW

lemar field separator unit 3000 design