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Dallas, Texas

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Lemar Industries

Santa Fe Springs, California

Engineering & Assembly

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WTC, Zuidas

Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sludge Removal, Processing and Remediation: Reduced Waste Volume by 90%

  • Hydrocarbon Separation & Recovery

  • Water Purification

  • Residual Hydrocarbon Digestion

    • Achieve 1% TPH & PAHs - Environmentally Friendly & Compliant Discharge

We build Mobile Containerized Solutions integrated with industry endorsed processes and the use of specialized additives to increase process efficiency, decrease energy foot print to promote environmental friendly waste management behaviors.

We also engineer and custom make stationary and mobile systems for facilities, terminals and refineries with client/project specifications. For more information on plant sizes, per hour capacity and cost analysis please complete the form below.