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We provide engineering and assembly of mobile plants to process on-site oil sludge, residue, cuttings, mud and support well site operations. We can process waste from Refineries, tank facilities, well site, drilling wastewater, Oil Spill Recovery and Remediation, Crude Waste Pits, Hydrocarbon Contaminated piles from Refining operations and Pyrolysis waste products and ash.

Tank Sludge is now separated into Hydrocarbons, Water and Hydrocarbons Contaminated solids. Secondary Unit has specialized and dedicated units for each process.

  • Hydrocarbons will be further Polished in the GreenZyme Separator Unit to Achieve only 4% water in oil.

  • Oil is Collected $

  • Optional: Creation of Marine Diesel $

Water Treatment

  • Processed in filters and by clarifiers

  • pH Neutralized

  • Water is now environmentally safe for affluent disposal

  • Optional: Integrated Reverse Osmosis System for Drinking Water

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Solids

  • These have between 20%-5% TPH

  • x No additional Oil to Recover

  • Not compliant for Environmental disposal

  • Containment

    • Clarifiyers and separators bring TPH to 3% to 1%

Proprietary Self-Contained Bacteria Digester:

  • Oxidizes & Deactivates Hazardous Metals

  • Digestion of Hydrocarbons into BioGas

  • Achieves 0.05% TPH in solids 

  • Environmentally Friendly Disposal

    • Fertilizer Production

Sludge Separation Processing and Remediation

For more information on plant sizes, per hour capacity and cost analysis. We build mobile containerized solutions in Series to address Environmental and market requirements and Custom Made Systems with client/project specifications.