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Petroleum Waste Digester Unit

BIOREM-L bacterial products are used to effectively treat wastes including surfactants, petrochemicals, Polymer, hydrocarbons, fats, oil and greases (FOG), BOD5 and sludges. The successful degradation of these wastes is through bacterial activity and the production of enzymes including proteases, lipases, amylases, ureases, celluases, and/or reductases. Our bacterial products are used in processing high strength organic and solids contained in oil sludge.


Digester uses is a mix of four bacteria types.

Bacteria will digest hydrocarbons, metals like: zinc, iron and oxidize other metals like copper, mercury, process phosphorous and calcium through secondary aerobic process and turns the nitrogen into oxygen, nitrogen gasses and ammonia gasses creating a bacteria friendly environment for enhanced BOD reduction and ammonia conversion enabling the ammonia and nitrogen to dissipate into the atmosphere; therefore, the time involved in solids degradation is greatly reduced.

This leaves behind sulfide gases (responsible for crop burn). Using the BIOREM-L in (aerobic) method, this will decrease the chance of surface water runoff contamination due to BOD, nitrogen compounds and other constituents that the EPA regularly monitors.

Our biologicals main advantage is short retention time while our Proprietary Digester Design with Bacteria Activator have 2 stages in one Containerized Unit.


Stage 1 – high speed sludge activation and processing.

Stage 2 – coalescer type full biological processing.

Stage 3 – can be added for more methane production.

In comparison with others (weeks and months), our biologicals retention:

Mobile Unit for oil sludge from oil spills in pro-active digester is around 1 hour;-for stationery unit complex processing of solids from oil sludge from 2 to 3 hours.


Prefabricated and Modular system is simple, flexible and easily integrated into already-established operations. System components are pre-manufactured units shipped as complete systems from the supplier. The modular components can be combined according to specific needs and many combinations of input materials are possible.

Sizes: 1 to 5 ton/hour units in Modular, Mobile Size Units (40ft container).

Stationary 10 ton/hour and more for facilities or gathering stations.