We offer technology, process and equipment to remove oil sludge, clean the site or pit and process the sludge for hydrocarbon recovery and waste reduction practices.


  • Containerized module system for fast installation.

  • Streamlined cleaning and separation system reduces downtime.

  • Complete removal of oil bottom sludge, including non-organic sediments.

  • Reclaimed oil can be sold as valuable product.


The Equipment and Process is Environmentally Friendly:

  • All-closed cleaning system minimizes emissions.

  • Much reduced oil waste that needs to be disposed of

  • Up 99% oil recovery

Our Approach to Petroleum Waste Management

The process design of this equipment is based on use of non-chemical additives to improve separation. Additionally, we have removed Pyrolysis from recovery of hydrocarbons because we know that this methods produce additional residues to manage. The result is a designed, tested and standardized a reliable solution with minimum steps that will cut the vicious petroleum waste cycle while simultaneously improving environmental practices and neutralizing the contaminants to achieve environmentally friendly discharge requirements of the processed effluent.

The equipment comes set-up and ready to work in 40’ shipping containers for easy transportation and installation. The equipment just needs to be connected at the site. The injection/suction guns installed into the man holes in the tank or skimmers in the pits. The equipment and site setup are to meet the highest international safety standards and directives when working in potentially hazardous environments.

Standard Designs:

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