Petroleum Sludge Separation

& Hydrocarbon Recovery


Collection and removal of waste is necessary in many places. Here you can read about the origin of the sludge and petroleum waste and the succesfull use of tools, additivies and processes to remediate each source while recovery valuable hydrocarbons. For additional information - fill contact form and we will contact you shortly

Tank & Pit Sludge

Fluidization & Removal

  • Automatic Fluidization of Oil and Tar

    • 50% reduced turnover time

    • No-Man-Inside Tank Systems!

    • Powerful Recirculating Steam-Jets

    • Oil Pit Extractors & Tools

  • Any Surface & Sub Surface tanks

    • Barges, Rail carts​

  • External Separator Mobile Unit​​​

    • Sludge, Solids & Water Separator 

    • No Pyrolysis! No Chemicals!

    • Recover Free Crude $

  • Tank Washing

    • Rooftop Sprayers


Separation & Crude Recovery

  • Primary Separator Complex

    • Gravity Separation +

    • Flocculant 6 for Solids Separation​​

    • Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit $

      • Reduced Water Content

    • Solids Separation & Removal

    • Water Separation

  • Reduced Waste Disposal Volume!

    • No Incineration! No Chemicals!

    • Reduced Energy Required vs Pyrolysis

    • Cost Effective vs Chemical Processes

Crude Residue Digestion & 

Water treatment

  • Secondary Water Complex and Digesters

  • Modular Digester Units Solution for:

    • Post Pyrolysis Waste

    • Processed Sludge Waste

    • Crude Waste Dumping Areas

    • Drilling Mud & Cuttings!

    • ​Achieve TPH Content Below 1%!

  • Self-Contained Residue Digesters

    • Achieved in under 2 Hours

    • Proprietary Sludge Activator

    • Wide Bacteria Selection!

    • Produce BioGas & Fertilizer $

  • Integrated Reverse Osmosis

    • Drinking Water Quality


50% Tank Terminal Down-Time Reduction

95% No-Man-Inside Tank!

Environmentally Friendly & Reusable Catalysts

GreenZyme® Enzyme Sludge Oil Recovery (ESOR) is a water-based biological catalyst separator that recovers oil from sludge 

Flocculants to separate solids from most complicated sludge, successfully tested for ocean and land derived sludge.

BIOREM-L & Oil Eating Bacteria are used to treat a broad spectrum of Petroleum waste and wastewater contamination challenges. 

Bio-Digester: Proprietary Sludge Activation provides on site short processing time of 50 minutes up to only a few hours for discharge practices.

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